Welcome to Macatawa Pony Club!

Macatawa Pony Club (MPC) is a volunteer organization for youth and adults.  MPC provides a program that teaches riding and the care of horses and ponies through unmounted and mounted instruciton.  Members learn a knowledge of horsemanship, including the care of horses. Members are encouraged in fair and friendly competition to develop strength of character, alert minds and sound bodies while having a great time with their friends and horses.

All level of riders are welcome!! And you do not need to own a horse to join!

To participate in MPC activities, you must be a member of Pony Club at the national, regional, and local levels. This is a simple process involving two forms and one check! (Forms are available at the "Forms" link on this website.) Please contact the club's District Commissioner (DC) to learn more.

Use of this website to harvest e-mail addresses for use by purveyors of unsolicited e-mail is expressly prohibited.